AG Malaika Businesses offers Youth and Female career empowerment by encouraging them to create jobs and become entrepreneurs especially now when the unemployment rate is increasing in the country. We assist the youth to learn new skills by using their God-given hands and turn the outcome into thriving businesses.

We offer business mentorship classes and coaching in all sections that bring out a successful business person. We empower females who suffered abuse and disappointments in their relationships and marriages and inspire them  with our stories and help them to look at the positive side of their life experiences . We train them and help them to discover their hidden gifts and use them to make a living.

As a business we use our skills by making different items with our hands and recycled items to come out with better products. We also pass our skills to the next generation to bring a solution to the unemployment problem and so, we encourage them to sell their skills acquired to make the country a better place to live and to be financially independent.

We are a Christian coaching center and we offer Christian life coaching services and help others to take action to fulfill their dreams and God-given gifts.